The acceptance of biofuels is of paramount importance for the EU sustainable energy transition. This qualitative study identifies barriers and facilitators regarding biofuel technology acceptability. Stakeholders initially selected for their interest and influence in the EU biofuel field were asked about biofuel acceptance and four clusters of variables associated with the acceptability according to the literature on similar sustainable technologies: technology per se, economic and market-related aspects, political and administrative aspects, and social-psychological features of the person. Results from a qualitative content analysis based on 32 stakeholders’ interviews confirmed the presence of contents in these four clusters, highlighting specific issues linked to biofuel technology acceptability. Facilitating and inhibiting aspects of each cluster are discussed; quantitative research developments as well as applied implications are envisioned towards biofuel acceptance.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 158

F. Dessi, S. Ariccio, T. Albers, S. Alves, N. Ludovico, M. Bonaiuto

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