This article presents an overview of the photovoltaic solar energy integration in the South American energy matrix. This work addresses aspects such as requirements established in the grid codes to connect solar plants to the power grid, the necessary protections for the connection of small-scale photovoltaic systems, the provision and prospects of ancillary services, and the energy and solar potential of the region. This research aims to highlight a summary of different aspects of connecting photovoltaic systems to the grid in eight countries in South America with similar socioeconomic development. In this way, it is possible to compare connection requirements and regulations for each country, resulting in a perspective of the best practices to introduce photovoltaic facilities in the region. As a result of the study, Chile is pointed out as the South American country with the highest penetration of photovoltaic energy due to the expressive levels of solar irradiation. It is also the country that presents the strictest criteria concerning the integration of photovoltaic generators to the electrical grid.

Renewable Energy Vol 162
Gloria Milena Vargas Gil, Rafael Bittencourt Aguiar Cunha, Silvio Giuseppe Di Santo, Renato Machado Monaro, Fabiano Fragoso Costa, Alfeu J. Sguarezi Filho

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