Investment decision-making is a critical factor to the success of regional integrated energy system (RIES) for an enterprise. Besides, the strategic objective of an enterprise has a great influence on the selection of the investment project. However, the problem as the investment selection of RIES project considering multiple strategic objectives portfolio has not been studied yet because of the massive difficulties in uncertain decision-making environment, various attributes of the object and diversity of the enterprise strategies. In order to solve this problem, this paper firstly comprehensively analyzes company strategies and summarizes them into three types. Then, an investment decision making framework of RIES project is established based on above three enterprises strategic objectives via IT2TrFNs-PROMETHEE-II model combining with a combined subjective and objective weight operator. Following that, robust analysis is implemented to test the reliability of the proposed decision-making framework. Finally, the superiority of the proposed RIES project investment decision making framework can be confirmed by a case study, and the result shows that enterprise’s strategic objectives will affect the optimal RIES project investment selection. This research has practical applied value for RIES investment decision makers in multi-strategic objectives portfolio management.


Energy Vol 18

Liqi Yi, Tao Li, Ting Zhang,


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