Climate change threats and the necessity to achieve global Sustainable Development Goals demand unprecedented economic and social shifts around the world, including a fundamental transformation of the global energy system. An energy transition is underway in most regions, predominantly in the power sector. This research highlights the technical feasibility and economic viability of 100% renewable energy systems including the power, heat, transport and desalination sectors. It presents a technology-rich, multi-sectoral, multi-regional and cost-optimal global energy transition pathway for 145 regional energy systems sectionalised into nine major regions of the world. This 1.5 °C target compatible scenario with rapid direct and indirect electrification via Power-to-X processes and massive defossilisation indicates substantial benefits: 50% energy savings, universal access to fresh water and low-cost energy supply. It also provides an energy transition pathway that could lead from the current fossil-based system to an affordable, efficient, sustainable and secure energy future for the world.

Energy Vol. 227

Dmitrii Bogdanov, Manish Ram, Arman Aghahosseini, Ashish Gulagi, Ayobami Solomon Oyewo, Michael Child, Upeksha Caldera, Kristina Sadovskaia, Javier Farfan, Larissa De Souza Noel Simas Barbosa, Mahdi Fasihi, Siavash Khalili, Thure Traber, Christian Breyer

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