Fifteen years after the publication of the article entitled “Energy Education: breaking up the rational energy use barriers” in 2004, what were the paths taken and scientific contributions made towards a rational energy use as regards energy education? This paper aims to answer this question by collecting data on the Web of Science database to identify publications citing the aforementioned article using different levels of approach. The selected papers were structured in clusters utilizing software for such a purpose, which allowed organizing and listing reviewed works from which a cluster of keywords has been structured to identify the most frequently cited terms. Once found, the following step was to perform a content analysis to allow organizing authorship and contributions. During this process, the term “barriers” in the context of rational energy use was not restricted to its class, but it was present in the analysis of other terms that constitute other classes. Energy education is presented as one of the ways to make society more aware and active while taking actions towards rational energy use. However, to achieve greater effectiveness of such an educational process, the human aspect requires special attention through a clearer definition of personal values, attitude, and behaviour because of its importance for activities aimed at energy issues.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Vol. 141

Rubens Alves Dias, Marília Rios de Paula, Paloma Maria Silva Rocha Rizol, José Alexandre Matelli, Cristiano Rodrigues de Mattos, José Antonio Perrella Balestieri


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