Our work provides a comprehensive investigation of the coupling between the efficiency of economic growth and the efficiency of carbon emissions reduction in China, and makes a distinction between the coupling over the long-run and the short-run. Our estimates suggested significant evidence of coupling between economic growth and efficiency in carbon emissions reduction in the long-run, but China’s economic growth still increased carbon emissions at the aggregate level. In the short-run, coupling effects were different across provinces that were at different stages of economic development. Provinces with low- and high-stages of development saw positive short-run coupling, but provinces at the intermediate stage of development saw the contrary, which resulted in an obvious “U” shaped relationship between short-run coupling effects and real GDP per capita. Finally, our findings provide an economic rationale for differentiated low-carbon policies.

Energy Vol 213
Pengfei Sheng, Jun Li, Mengxin Zhai, Shoujun Huang

Link de acesso: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0360544220318545