In the last three years, the number of active photovoltaic installers in Brazil has increased from approximately 1,600 to 14,200. These installers are promoting the photovoltaic growth in distributed generation. However, the Net Metering practiced in Brazil will reduce benefits, impacting the future success of photovoltaic installers’ businesses. Also, many of these companies have few years of experience, and are still adjusting technical operations. So, this article aims to develop a competitive business model for evaluating the photovoltaic installers’ performance in the Brazilian energy market. We select 72 business items and surveyed 548 photovoltaic installers in Brazil. We organized and discussed the information into the Business Model Canvas. We observed that some companies are not competitive in large-scale photovoltaic plants compared to foreign companies operating in Brazil. However, the market trends we found point to future business opportunities for large photovoltaic plants in condominiums, cooperatives, or the free market. The competitive Business Model Canvas helps installers look at their business, positioning themselves more assertively in the Brazilian market. Besides, the Business Model Canvas can serve as a benchmarking tool for comparing businesses among installers of different countries, promoting the company’s processes evolution. Consequently, it contributes to the photovoltaic customers’ satisfaction.

Renewable Energy, Vol. 181

Paula D. Rigo, Julio Cezar M. Siluk, Daniel P. Lacerda, Júlia P. Spellmeier

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