The accurate and reliable forecasting of wind power is of great importance for electrical systems’ control and operation. However, the intermittent nature of wind power generation implies a complicated forecasting framework. In this paper, a new hybrid model including three steps is proposed for point and probabilistic forecasting of wind power. Within the first step, by using data preprocessing methods, proposed weighted Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) by Mutual Information, and bootstrap approach, point forecasting and variance of the model uncertainties are estimated. In the second step, by employing ELM, bootstrap approach, and an ensemble structure, the noise variance is calculated. During the final step, to improve the results of the probabilistic forecasting, methods consisting of ELM, bootstrap, improved particle swarm optimization based on information feedback models and a new proposed prediction interval based objective function are used. Effectiveness of the proposed hybrid model is verified by employing real data of Australian wind farms for 1-h ahead and day ahead forecasting.

Energy Vol 211
Reza Tahmasebifar, Mohsen Parsa Moghaddam, Mohammad Kazem Sheikh-El-Eslami, Reza Kheirollahi

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